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We are an official kennel for Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs recognized by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) and the OEKV (Oesterreichischer Kynologen Verband - Austrian Cynologue Association). Additionally to our work as breeder we offer consulting services for other breeder, for farmers in Europe regarding wolves and help for new owners of wolfdog puppies.

For more information about our kennel, our breeding goals and the work we do off course with the dogs please visit our official website Wolfsblut Offical - English.

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Our work concentrates mainly on the specialities of the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog breed: meaning the endurance in mind, the ability of nosework and protection. We begin the socialization early to be sure to not have a fearful dog on our side and to have the ability to continue with professional working.

All our dogs are working nearly every day - that does not mean they work on any purpose, but for them also the training is considered work. We are also bookable to train and help other people (also with other breeds) and are happy to share our commitment in this respect.

  • Positive Training
  • Use of Clicker
  • Punishment only using body language (e.g. ignoring), never physical
  • For more information go to our Wolfsblut Website - Wolfsblut Official - Training Page.

    Training Page

    Film & Photo

    Our dogs are available for nearly all kind of commercial film production and photoshootings withing our guidelines and restrictions. You can find our guidelines and restrictions on our official website of Lunar Lupus Filmwolves.

    Additionally to offering our dogs for commercial film production, we offer a variety of services that include but are not limited to:

    • 🐺 Agency for other Wolfdogs
    • 🔘 Rehearse Movement & General Training (also for human actors)
    • 🎥 Help on Set for other dogs (Assistant Dogs)
    • 🎙 Consultation Services
      • We do not share content or confidential information regarding any production done or planned.


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